Auto Play and Stop Skill

Online video slots come with several functions and players have to make use of these to their advantage. There are several slot gaming features available and in this guide, I will outline three features – Gamble Feature, Auto Play Feature, and Stop Skill Feature.

The Gamble Feature – This is one of the most interesting slot feature offered by several slot games. The gamble feature enables players to double or triple their winnings but at the same time, you can lose your entire winnings. For a slot game that offers the gamble feature, this feature is triggered when you hit any winning combination during game play or hitting a winning combination that pays less 3,000 credits. Once triggered, you get to guess the color of a card (black or Red) shown facedown. If you guess correctly, your winnings for that particular combination is doubled or tripled. If your guess is wrong, then part of your credits is forfeited and you are given another try up to a max of 5.

Auto Play Feature – Most slot games offer the auto play feature. This feature enables you to sit back and relax while you watch the slot game play on its own. All you have to do is insert your coins or dollars, set the total credits or coins you wish to play per each payline, set the number of payline you wish to play, and setting the number of spins. The auto play feature makes playing online slots easy. The auto play feature is essential for those players who enjoy watching and paying attention to the graphics and details of the game.

The Stop Skill Feature – This feature is used in combination with the auto play feature. The skill stop feature is used when a player wants the auto play feature to stop immediately when it has hit a winning combination or triggered any bonus round. With the stop skill feature, players are able to check how much they have been awarded from a winning combination and it stops the machine to play out all credits after a win. The stop skill feature enables players to manage their bankroll effectively.


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