Live Poker Tournaments

If you are playing Poker online and have attained a good level of quality of playing, you will be inclined to play Pro Live Tournaments. As a matter of fact; you should participate actively in such tournaments and gain maximum value. But before that, you should understand and adjust to the following three factors that will fetch success for you. These factors areCaliber of your play, Live Tells, and Your Ego.

  1. The caliber of your Play

It is just like a military operation. You need to aim at exploiting the weak plays of your opponent, to the maximum extent, especially on a situs poker. But mind it; stronger players can quickly adjust their strategies and may counter-exploit you. First, increase your open-raising range because, the more hands you play, the more you will gain.

For widening your 3-betting range, scoot cheap pots when your opponents play larger pots. Alternatively, you can barrel more hands where your opponents roll over and give up to post-flop aggression. If your opponent is playing a triple barrel, be sure that he is bluffing.

  1. Live Tells

You should imagine the life tells in the right way. But, you should neither rely too much on it nor neglect it altogether; strike a balance. You can guess the life tells from the time your opponent takes to make a decision.

If he takes a noticeable amount of time, you can discount the possibility that he has a better hand. Similarly, if your opponent takes a quick decision, you should discount a part of his range and put a bit of more analytical thinking.

In any case, since assessing the live tells is purely instinctive; don’t draw strong conclusions, based on them.  Your approach should be to consider the possibilities and not to give free information to your opponents.

  1. Managing Your Ego

When you are playing online, you may not be driven by your ego. But, in live tournaments, you may tend to do so. It is but natural for your ego to be hurt when your opponent is aggressive in his move.

You may not be prepared to adjust. But, why worrying about your ego, when you can easily spot your opponents tilting or asserting themselves in response to your aggression.

Instead, adjust yourself. Leave your emotion at home, when you are going to participate in a live poker tournament. You will then not feel like outsmarting your peers and can thus establish your edge over them.

You can improve the caliber of playing by making consistent practice, live, with your friends and try to guess their facial expression, body language, particularly for 3-betting or winning pots in situs poker. That will season you for guessing live tells. About your ego and emotion, ‘be a robot,’ and you can gain maximum value from pro live poker tournaments.


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