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The 22bet is a great online gaming site for betting and gambling. It is licensed from Philippines and is operative in many countries like Japan, China, Indonesia and also in England. It is open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So it is absolutely very much easy for online gambling and easy transactions. It is also reliable in terms of safety and renowned for its swift work.

Easy deposit and withdrawal scheme

  • Unlike other online casinos and online betting sites, it has a minimum deposit of just 100 baht and it ranges to as much as 3 million baht per day! That is a huge range which all online casinos do not provide. So it is very easy to handle and easy on the pocket.
  • 10 baht is all you need to bet on online games from this link! That is a huge plus point for choosing this site.
  • Coming to withdrawal plans, the range starts from 500 baht and moves to 30000 baht per transaction provided it sums up to 3 million baht per transaction. The best part is that the money gets directly transferred to your registered bank account. The site provides a 100% guarantee on making the online transaction within 24 hours.


You do not find reliable sites to bet on online games and gamble often. The sites available on the net are all interesting to find and may have many options. But the problem with them is that the safety of the transactions remains at stake. Also they do not guarantee any transaction within just one day! That is one huge turn point for 22betAmong many other good features, they provide easy withdrawal and deposit schemes. You have a very low minimum cost for deposit. Again if you are a big time gambler and want to invest a huge sum, the maximum amount permitted is also quite high. The same feature goes for betting on online games as well. Because of all these good features this site has won very good reputation within just a span of 5 years in this industry! You will be surprised and impressed to know that they were the recipient of “Asian Operator of the Year Nominations for 2009″ presented by eGaming review magazine. This site was also awarded the “Asian Operator Nominations for 2010” presented by the EGR awards.

So now you have a great online site for gaming, betting and casinos which you can also depend on without worrying about hassles of online transactions and frauds. For football lovers, there is good news! Almost all the leagues are available on this site. So you do not have to look elsewhere! Visit this fun and happening site with hassle free connections. So register yourself and start gaming now!


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