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The premise of First Base Blackjack (FBB) is non-random cards. Accordingly, we’ll devote a lot of time substantiating the cards aren’t random in multi-deck games. We’ll divulge the key to why this really is neither theory nor hypothesis, however the truth. The building blocks of Fundamental Strategy AND card counting is random cards. We’ll convince you, beyond an acceptable doubt, these archaic techniques depend upon a fundamental tenet that’s obsolete.

If you’ve been playing blackjack during the last couple of years, you’ve unquestionably recognized the shoe game is greatly harder to win of computer was at the 60’s, 70’s or perhaps the very early 80’s. It appears as if the dealers designed a pact using the satan themself to be able to garner greater than their in past statistics great amount of winning hands. This really is forget about true than the fact that casinos hand out free Fundamental Strategy cards simply because they would like you to win, or that anybody since Kenny Uston has had the ability to beat blackjack by card counting. Any best-selling book that informs you different goes within the fiction portion of the local thrift store. The games have altered drastically because the times of Kenny, and Erectile dysfunction Thorpe. Beating the sport requires us to drastically change our techniques of play. “Fight fire with fire,” they are saying. The casinos beat the living hell from gamers that play Fundamental Strategy, and gamers that count cards because, again, individuals techniques depend upon random cards.

First Base Blackjack (FBB) wins precisely since the cards aren’t random!

The good thing is today’s shoe game is winnable. It provides the intense blackjack player the greatest advantage she or he has seen. The reason behind this hinges upon only one rule: If both player and also the dealer break, the dealership wins.

“What? Just how can a guide that favors the dealership offer me the greatest advantage I’ve ever seen?”

It’s kind of of the paradox. The reason behind this really is, once we stated above, them aren’t random, which inescapable fact causes the dealership to interrupt much less in the current game compared to bet on yesteryear. Consequently, the gamer also breaks less. Clearly, them don’t know who’s dealing. So…If both dealer and also the player break less, the possibility that they’ll BOTH break on a single hands is hugely reduced.

Reread the final couple of sentences should you must. This really is simple, but it’s important. Consider it. If All the rules favor the gamer save for just one, (If both player and also the dealer break, the dealership wins), it would likely are in position to reason why in the event that particular situation happened less often, it might come with an inverse impact on the player’s advantage. We’re not offering this as our thoughts. It’s pure, unadulterated FACT! We’re The Prestige, but we’re not unique. There are just a little number of professional blackjack instructors that know this secret. No system retailers market it, but you will find professional gamers that appear to subconsciously know this secret but consistently question why they’re winning while others lose.

Fundamental Strategy was created over 40 years ago for any single deck bet on blackjack. That’s the reason casinos leave a totally free Fundamental Strategy card in your pillow just like a fine, Belgian chocolate. It can’t beat today’s multi deck game. Card counting is definitely an absolute loser, M.I.T. student or otherwise. (maybe they’re minoring in marketing?) The number of occasions have you ever placed a large bet once the count was  30 simply to view it climb to  40?

Blackjack would be a mathematical game designed so both dealer and also the player would win 1 / 2 of their particular hands. Even Steven. The nearest to 21 wins. But, clients are business and also the casinos needed to pay their electric power bills, so that they modified the guidelines a little, and stated, “well, how ’bout if when both dealer and also the player break, the dealership wins?” It is exactly what you call the home advantage. Well, the “known” house advantage anyway.

Now, this is actually the rub. Here comes the twister. Consider the final game you lost. Have you really lose due to the above mentioned rule—the “break / push” rule? No. You lost due to the fact the dealership won more hands than you. How could that be? How is the dealer really win more hands than you once the game was in past statistics designed so you and the dealership would win the very same quantity of hands? You are able to play your cards in whatever way you damn well please. The dealership cannot.


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