Pressure in Poker

There are different kinds of players in poker. There are skillful players and some plays with luck. Whatever the game may be even winners can also feel the pressure and anxiety; for losers it the debt and feeling of losing again. There are several tricks to overcome such game pressure and here is “3R” rule which you can follow. This 3Rs can let you win over the pressure and can even let you take decisions in cool perseverance. It is important to stay focused and deal with pressures while you play poker agen domino. It does not guarantee you to win but you will play better.

The First one: Recognize

Understanding yourself is the key of playing poker. Your attitude and way of playing games reflects a lot on the game. It is important to note whether your neck and stomach are tensed? Legs tight enough around your chair? It is actually a good sign to avoid anxiety. You can calm down easily and take the game seriously. It requires lot of motivation and concentration. If you stick to it then you can realize on your own that you are playing better. Recognizing yourself is the reflection of game being played.

The Second one: Relax

Undoubtedly poker creates a lot of pressure with anxiety of winning the game. You can sit on the table and can take deep breath in between. You can also move out of the poker table and have a walk. It is important to control the anxiety of winning or pressure of losing while you play poker. Since every decision you play on the table counts. You need to relax in between the game to avoid any false decision you may make over agen domino. It will help you to maintain the consistency in the game and can let you win.

The Third one: Refocus

After you attained your full concentration by relaxing it is time to be focused again on the task at hand. Do not think about the previous results like defeats start it again as a new game and complete it. It is important to seek what is the current way to put the game on your side. You can deal with any strategies now better without thinking much what others are thinking about your play. Refocusing is to be proactive with logical thoughts about the present game at hand and not about emotional thoughts. A person who is able to refocus in the game can also able to turn the lost game wining.


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