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You want to master the secrets of poker, right? Well in that case, try to follow these 8 steps and you’ll see your poker level increase greatly and your profits. While these tips are adapted to beginners, professional players should remember them from time to time.

Do not play every hand

This is surely the error number 1 novice players, they play too many hands. When just starting to play poker, you want to play poker, which means that we want to pay absolutely hands that do not always worth the effort, just to be in the heat of the action. But playing more does not mean winning more, quite the contrary. If it happens that you stay on more than half of the hands, you need to review your starting hand requirements.

Do not play being stuffed

How many nights some people could move to a table next to players who get drunk a lot and lose all their chips stacks? Maybe you were that person yourself! These evenings you spend with your friends, make small bets, but you are there to have fun than to play – but if you are in a casino, watch the alcohol! The truth is that while you relax with a few drinks, you can lose much more, even if you are not completely drunk.

Do not bluff just to bluff

Many beginners understand that bluffing is part of poker, but they do not necessarily understand how. There is NO rule stating that a player must bluff such amount at a particular time of the game, but many players do not think that they earn until they have not tried to bluff. Bluffing only works in certain situations and against certain people, and if a player follows up showdown, it is literally impossible to bluff that player. It’s better never to bluff than to bluff all the time to bluff.

Do not decide to stay just because you’re already there

Another common mistake that beginners make is to say “ok, I’ve already put it all in the pot, I cannot stop now”. If you are sure to be defeated, and there is no way for your hand to improve, you MUST bed. The money you put into the pot now belongs to you, and you cannot get just by playing through a hand that will not win.

Do not follow to the end just to see if the person is honest or not

This one follows the last point. There are many players who want to know the hand of the other players and follow to the end, saying “I know you got me, but I want to know if you’re honest or not”. This can be interesting to do this once, for some player information for later, but if you’re sure you’re beat, why give yet another stack of chips for this player?

Do not play being sad, angry or moody

When you play poker, it does not do to get out of a depression or a bad day. You will play leaving you overwhelmed by your emotions and you will not play to your maximum. Similarly, if during a poker game you lose a big hand, or if you have a bad run and you feel you may crack, get up and doing a break until you are calmer. The other players will feel that you are at the bottom and try to use it against you.

Pay attention to the cards on the table

When you start playing, it is enough to just remember how to play and not pay attention to its own cards. But soon, it will become necessary to look at the cards that are revealed on the table. In Texas Holdem, knowing the best card combinations is essential.

Pay attention to other players

While you play, one of the best things you can do is observe your opponents, even when you’re in the game. If you know a player rises in a certain position, another a tic when bluffing or a third sets in each raises, you can use this information to decide how to play against them.

And last tip for best poker: choose the type of game that suits your level and your funds. Do not try to play higher, just to impress friends or because you do not stop to win.


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